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Users who use the services offered by Slow Lake SRL declare to know and accept the general conditions of the contract. These Terms exclusively govern the services provided by Slow Lake SRL; In any case, the purchase of Tours and Tour Packages also remains governed by the conditions of the contract Sale of tourist packages (available for viewing at the following link: General conditions), which are incorporated herein by this reference.

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ABOUT SLOW LAKE SRL + + 3 sites are dedicated to the presentation and the purchase of tours, tour packages, package tours, and accommodation services and allows Users to:

a) check the destinations and dates available regarding the tours, tour packages, package tours and tourist services presented on,,;
b) submit requests for contact for more information on the tours, tour packages, package tours, and accommodation services on sites.
c) set up your tour or your package tour, organized trip or tourist service by selecting the services of their liking;
d) conclude the on-line purchase of an excursion, tour package, package tour.

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l) use,, and in any other improper methods that violate these Terms.

Calculation of the estimate of tours, tour packages, package tours, and accommodation services.
Through, and the user can estimate the cost of tours, tour packages, package tours and accommodation services of interest to simply accessing the section of,, and
The estimate resulting from this procedure has a mere indicative value of the cost of travel that can vary, even significantly, depending on the customizations and options chosen by the user.
Under no circumstance, the offer is binding and should be treated as an option that,, offers to facilitate the users to navigate the various options provided. For more information, users are asked to contact the Holder to the contacts listed in the Terms.

Sale of tours, tour packages, package tours, and accommodation services
Through the special section of this, and the user can create, customize and purchase a hike, a package, a package tour and accommodation services for themselves and their group.
You must select from the options offered and those of their liking, so proceed with the purchase after checking carefully, and any amendments thereto, the information in the order summary. The order is carried out through the confirmation of the same and is subject to payment of the price, of taxes and expenses indicated in the order summary form. The conclusion of the online buying process is signing the offer to purchase according to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
The contract shall be concluded at the time of the Order Confirmation by the Owner to the email address provided by you.
The Owner reserves the possibility to cancel or change an order placed on, and communicate the user, by the email address associated with the purchase, by the date due for the start of services (included in the excursion, in the package, in the trip organized or individual tourist services), any changes or unavailability of one or more of the services or any order purchased. If the order is canceled or the user does not accept changes, communicating with the times and in the manner referred to the Conditions of Sale, the holder shall, if required, to refund of the price already paid by you in the manner provided for by the Conditions of Sale.
Any change of the travel or the tourist package after the date of commencement of service provision therein shall be governed by the Terms of Sale.
In any case, the sale of Packages presented on, and is also subject to the terms and Conditions of Sale, which are available for consultation at the following link (the sales contract of tourist packages) and that the user also must read and accept.

Payment methods
Slow Lake SRL using third-party tools for payment processing and will not enter in any way connected with payment data - such as those related to credit cards - supplied.

Right of contract termination
The User declares to be aware that purchases of excursions and travels made by, and are among the services relating to leisure activities that provide a specific date or period of performance and therefore, do not enjoy the right of withdrawal provided for by Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (ie "Consumer Code"). However, the Owner grants you the right to terminate the Contract following these penalties:

in the case of the package tour, organized trip
for cancellations received at least 75 days before departure full refund of the sum except for tuition costs and processing costs and any fee paid for the cancellation insurance
for cancellations communicated between 60 days and 74 days before departure will be returned 60%
for cancellations communicated between 59 days and the 30 days before departure will be returned 40%
for cancellations communicated between 29 days and the 15 days before departure will be returned 20%
for cancellations from 14 days to 1 day before departure, it will be deducted the full amount 100% of the share.

in the case of travel and/or activities:
Customers will receive a full refund or credit with two weeks' notice of cancellation. Customers will receive a 50% refund with one week's notice of cancellation. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. In case of no-shows will be charged full price.

Guarantee, compensation and limitation and exclusion of liability, and and all functions are accessible through the sites are made available to Members, to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, without any warranty, express or implied, that is not required by law. In particular, no warranty of fitness is not provided for the services offered for specific goals set by the User. The use of, and and functionalities accessible through the sites are carried out by the Members at their own risk and on their own responsibility. In particular, the holder, within the limits of applicable law.

Therefore, the Owner shall not be responsible for any losses that are not a direct result of the breach of contract by the company Slow Lake SRL; any loss of business opportunity and any other loss, even indirect, may be incurred by (such as, but not limited to, loss of business, loss of revenue, income, profits or anticipated savings, loss of contracts or business relationships, loss of reputation or goodwill, etc.); damage or losses resulting from interruptions or malfunctions, and due to events of force majeure or, anyway, to independent events from the desire and extraneous to the holder of the control sphere such as, by way of example and not exhaustive.

The User agrees to indemnify the owner (and any companies controlled by him or affiliates, representatives, directors, agents, licensees, partners, and employees) from any obligation or responsibility, including any legal costs incurred to defend themselves in court, which may arise in respect of damage caused to other users or third parties, concerning content uploaded online, the violation of the law or the terms of these conditions of service.

Limitation of Liability
On the understanding what specified in the clause "exclusion of liability" to the responsibility of the owner and without prejudice to the foregoing, and as provided elsewhere in these Terms and the User specifically in the Conditions of Sale, acknowledge and agree that any changes in the package price Tourist as a result of fluctuations and/or independent variables on the will and extraneous to the owner's control, as well as in the price change may be expressly provided for in the Conditions of Sale, do not give right to refunds, compensation, compensation, termination of the Agreement nor to any other form of protection is not expressly provided for by the Terms or Conditions of Sale.
Interruption of Service
In order to provide Members with the best possible use of the Service, the Owner reserves the right to interrupt the service for maintenance needs or update the system, informing users through constant updates about on, and

Suspension of Service
The Owner reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without the exercise of this right may give rise to any claim of default or breach of this Agreement, to suspend the Service if: 1) there are reasonable grounds to believe that is or may be used by an unauthorized third party service;
2) occurrence of a force majeure event or circumstances that, at the sole discretion of the owner, require to make emergency interventions or to solve security problems, dangers for the entire infrastructure and/or persons and/or property (in the latter case, the Service will be restored as soon as the holder, at its discretion, it may be considered that the cause of the service suspension has been effectively removed or deleted);
3) you may be engaging in any capacity, in any legal dispute or court of civil, criminal or administrative, and, in any case, if such a dispute may involve actions or measures in respect of the Holder or service;
4) the suspension is requested by any court.

Any suspension of the service due to the User does not affect the right of the owner to claim compensation for any damage suffered.

Resale of Service
Users are not permitted to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of, and, and its services without the express permission by the owner, secured directly or via a specific reseller program.

Privacy Policy
For information on the use of personal data, Users should refer to the Privacy Policy of Slow Lake SRL which is referred to here and forms an integral and essential part of the Contract.

Intellectual Property Rights
All of the Application, figurative marks or names, and other marks, trade names, service marks, wordmarks, trade names, pictures, images, logos appearing on, and are and remain the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors and are protected by applicable trademark laws and the relevant international treaties. All trademarks, figurative or names, and other marks, trade names, service marks, wordmarks, trade names, pictures, images, logos and related third-party content posted by such third parties of, and they are and remain the exclusive property of such third parties or their licensors and are protected by applicable trademark laws and the relevant international treaties. The holder does not have the ownership of such intellectual deprivation and may use it only within the limits and following agreements concluded with those third parties and for the purposes outlined herein.

Age Requirements
Users are free to explore, and do not register and, consequently, without providing any identification of the person. However, to access some additional features of,, and, the user must provide the required data in the relevant forms, including the User's age might be. In any case, the use of the additional features of, and were allowed only to the User adult under the applicable legislation. For more information, see the Privacy Policy.

Amendments to these Terms
The Owner reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, by giving notice to the User through its publication in,, and Users who continue to use,, and after the publication of the changes, accept without reservation the new Terms.

Transfer of contract
The Owner reserves the right to transfer, assign, novate or subcontract all or any of the rights or obligations under the Terms, provided that the rights the User provided here are not affected. You may not assign or transfer in any way its rights or obligations under the Terms without the written consent of the Owner.

Release of Image Rights
With the purchase of the travel or tourist package - thus accepting the General Conditions - the shipper sells at no charge to the Holder the right to use, distribute, reproduce, edit, modify, publish, publicly, transmit - on each and any analog, electronic, computer and/or digital (including but not limited to, terrestrial broadcasting systems, cable, satellite, web, even on social networking pages such as, but not limited to: Facebook®, Instagram®, Twitter ®, YouTube ®) - his portrait and image content in videos and pictures that can be made during the excursion or trip purchased (hereinafter, the "images"). The User also: (I) gives up all rights of whatsoever kind and nature on existing images needed to exploitation for commercial purposes, promotional and advertising of Images; (Ii) expressly declares to be fully satisfied and that he had no claims for any reason or title (eg, economic) by the Owner, its assignees and/or successors in title and/or in-kind by anyone using and Images exploits; (Iii) guarantees the holder the peaceful enjoyment of all the rights granted under this Article and indemnity from now the owner and/or his assignees from any possible action and/or claims concerning images and their exploitation, taking upon himself the full responsibility accordingly. Anyhow, the Owner will not make use of the Images in contexts or with modalities that affect the honor, reputation and decor of the user’s image and/or record.

All communications relating to, and must be submitted using the contact information set out in the Contract.

Ineffectiveness and Partial Invalidity
If any provision of these Terms is found void, invalid or unenforceable, that clause will be eliminated while the remaining provisions will not be influenced by this and will remain fully effective.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The Terms and all disputes regarding their implementation, interpretation, and validity are subject to Italian law, the jurisdiction of the Italian State and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court where the seat of the Holder.
If the User is an individual who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession, the territorial imperative is the judge of the place of residence or the User's domicile, if located in the State.

Online Dispute Resolution for consumers
The consumer residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by European consumers to resolve by non-judicial any dispute relating to and / or arising from contracts of sale of goods and services entered into the network. Therefore, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform for the resolution of any dispute arising from the online contract with the owner. The platform is available at this link. The holder is available to answer any question submitted by email to the email address published herein.

Terms of Sale
The terms of sale of tour packages are available at the following link: General conditions

Order Confirmation
The Holder sends at the time of the purchase order confirmation emails to the address indicated by the user at registration which is the moment of conclusion of the Contract.

Hikes or activities
It indicates the tourist service that does not require an overnight stay and which can be provided by service providers and predict whether or not additional services such as lunch on board or the transfer to and from the place of the beginning of the excursion. By way of example only, is an activity: the daily activities of cooking class.

Terms and Conditions (or terms)
These Terms of Service, which constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the Owner.

The contract for the sale of tourist packages SLOW TRAVEL AND TOURISM
RC Policy: No UnipolSai. 1/2729/319/168965400 UNIPOLSAI
Warranty for travelers: Registration as a partner no. 1913 to the "Fondo Vacanze Felici Scarl" - Via Larga, 6 - 20122 Milan - - Phone: +39 02 92979050

They form an integral part of the tourist package contract as well as the general conditions set out below, the description of the package contained in the catalog (online or hard copy, or in the separate travel program and the booking confirmation is sent to the organizer selling agency, as representative of the traveler. Endorsing the proposal of the tourist package, the traveler must keep in mind that it gives to read and accept, for themselves and for the persons indicated in the agreement and the contract for tourist packages for as laid down therein, both warnings and conditions contained therein, both these general conditions.

The sale of tourist packages and tourist services connected is governed by the Tourism Code (Arts. 32-51 - novies) as amended by Legislative Decree no. 62/2018 implementing the EU directive 2015/2302 and subsequent amendments and provisions of the civil code on the subject of transport and mandate, as applicable.

The organizer and the seller of the package, which the traveler is addressed, must be enabled the execution of their activities following current legislation, including regional or municipal and operate as provided herein. The organizer and the seller are established on Italian territory must be covered by the insurance policy for civil liability for the passenger for damages arising from the breach of their obligations under the respective contracts. The organization of package tour contracts are secured by bank guarantees or insurance policies that, in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy of the organizer or seller guarantee, without delay at the request of the traveler, the reimbursement of the price paid to purchase the package and the immediate return of the traveler if the package includes the traveler transport, and, if necessary, to pay room and board before returning. This obligation also applies to professionals who facilitate tourism-related services, for the reimbursement of all the payments they receive from travelers.

The purposes of this contract shall apply:
a) "traveler" means any person who intends to conclude a contract, enters into a contract or is allowed to travel based on a package tour contract or connected tourist service;
b) "trader" means any public or private natural or legal person who, as part of his trade, business, craft or profession acts, in the tourist package contracts or tourist service-connected, through other person acting in his name or on its behalf, as an organizer, salesman, professional who facilitates related tourist services or tourism service provider, following current legislation;
c) "organizer": a professional who combines packages and sells or offers them for sale directly or through or in conjunction with another professional, or the professional who transmits the data for the traveler to another professional following subparagraph c), number 2.4) art. 33 of the Code of tourism;
d) "Seller": the different professional organizer who sells or offers for sale packages combined by an organizer;
e) "establishment" means an establishment defined in Article 8, paragraph 1, letter e) of Legislative Decree 26 March 2010, n. 59;
f) "durable medium" means any instrument which enables the traveler or the trader to store information addressed personally to him in a way accessible for future reference for a period of time adequate for the purpose for which they are intended and that enables identical reproduction the stored information;
g) "unavoidable circumstances and extraordinary" means a situation outside the control of the party invoking such a situation and the consequences of which would not even have been avoided by taking all reasonable measures;
h) "lack of conformity": non-performance of tourism services included in a package;
i) "minor" means a person under the age of 18 years;
l) "return": the return of the traveler to the departure or other place agreed upon by the contracting parties.

4.1. It intends to "package" the combination of at least two different types of tourist services (ie: 1. the transport of passengers; 2. the accommodation does not form part of the transport of passengers and is not intended for residential purposes or courses long-term language;
3. the rental of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles or who require a driving license of category A guide;
4. any other tourist service that does not form part of one of the tourist services mentioned in items 1), 2) or 3), and is not a financial or insurance services, or qualifies as a "supplemental" tourist service) for the same journey or the same holiday, if at least one of the following conditions:
1) such services are combined by a single trader, even on the traveler's request or following its selection, before the conclusion of a single contract for all services;
2) such services, although concluded with separate contracts with individual providers of tourist services, are: 2.1) purchased at one store and selected before the traveler agrees to pay; 2.2) offered, sold or billed at a flat rate or global; 2.3) advertised or sold under the name "package" or similar designation; 2.4) combined after the conclusion of a contract by which the practitioner allows the traveler to choose from a selection of different types of tourist services, or purchased from distinguished professionals connected through a booking process via internet where the name of the traveler,

4.2. It means "tourist service-connected" at least two different types of tourism services purchased for the same journey or the same holiday, that does not constitute a package, and which include the conclusion of separate agreements with individual suppliers of tourism services, if a professional easier, either: 1) when a single visit or a single contact your point of sale, the BOM selection and separate payment for each tourist service by travelers; 2) the targeted purchase of at least one additional tourist service at another professional when such purchase and 'concluded within 24 hours after confirming the first tourist service.

5.1. Before the conclusion of the tour package contract or a corresponding organizer and the seller provide the traveler the relevant "standard information form" and communicate the following information to the traveler: a) the main features of tourism services, such as:
1 ) the destination or destinations of the journey, the itinerary and residence periods with dates and, if accommodation is included, the number of nights including;
2) the means, characteristics and categories of transport, places, dates and times of departure and return, duration and places of intermediate stops and transport connections; if the exact time is not yet established, the organizer and, where appropriate, the seller shall inform the approximate time traveler from starting and back;
3) the location, the main features and, where applicable, if the tourist category under the regulations of the destination country;
4) the meals provided;
5) visits, excursions or other services included in the total price agreed for the package;
6) tourist services provided to the traveler as a member of a group and, if so, the approximate size of the group;
7) the language in which services are provided;
8) if the trip or holiday is suitable for people with reduced mobility and, at the request of the traveler, precise information on the suitability of the journey or holiday that takes into account the needs of the traveler;
b) trade name and geographical address of the organizer and the seller, their telephone numbers and email addresses;
c) the total package price including taxes and all duties, taxes and other additional costs, including any administrative and management practices, or where these are not reasonably be calculated before the conclusion of the contract, an indication the type of additional costs that the traveler may have to still support;
d) the arrangements for payment, including any amount or percentage of the price to be paid as down payment and the schedule for payment of the balance, or financial guarantees that the traveler is required to pay or provide;
e) the minimum number of people required for the package and the period referred to in Article 41, paragraph 5, letter a), before the start of the package for the possible termination of the contract in case of failure to achieve the number;
f) general information concerning the conditions about passports and visas, including approximate times for obtaining visas and health formalities of the destination country;
g) information on the possibility for the traveler to cancel the contract at any time before the package on payment of appropriate revocation, or, if provided, the standard revocation requests by the organizer; h) information on the optional or mandatory subscription of insurance covering the unilateral revocation of the contract by the traveler or the cost of assistance, including re-entry, in case of injury, illness or death;

i) the reference to the protection cover in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the insurance contract as well as for civil liability in favor of the traveler;
l) information on the identity of the operating air carrier, if not known at the time of booking, just preview article 11 Reg. Ce 2111 \ 05 (Art. 11, paragraph 2 of Reg. EC 2111/05: "If the identity of the operating air carrier or carriers is not yet known at the time of reservation, the air carriage contractor shall ensure that the passenger is informed of the carrier's name or the air carriers to act as operating air carriers on the flight or flights concerned. in this case, the air carriage contractor will ensure that the passenger is informed of the identity of the carrier or the actual air carriers as soon as such identity is established and their possible EU operating ban "

5.2. Given the advance with which we publish the information relating to the fruition of the services, it should be noted that the times and routes of the flights mentioned in the acceptance of the proposed purchase of services are subject to change as subject to subsequent validation; the final flight times will be announced in the days before the departure and return. Please note that charter flights are not subject, by definition, a systematic schedule.

5.3. As required by article 6.2 of EC Regulation 2027/97 to passengers will be required to provide information on the provisions concerning the liability of a Community air carrier for the death, wounding or injury, on the requirements for insurance cover, as well as information on the timing of advance payments against the natural person entitled to compensation.

6.1 At the time of concluding the contract of tourist package or at least as soon as possible, the organizer or the seller, provides the traveler a copy or a confirmation of the contract on a durable medium.

6.2 The traveler is entitled to a paper copy if the package tour contract has been entered into the contemporary physical presence of the parties.

6.3 Concerning contracts negotiated away from business premises, defined art. 45 c. 1, lett. h), the D.Leg. 206/2005, a copy or confirmation of the travel package contract is provided to the traveler on paper or if the traveler agrees, on another durable medium.

6.4. The package tour contract is achieved, resulting in the conclusion of the contract only when the organizer sends confirmation, even by telematics systems, the traveler from the seller.

6.5. The traveler must notify the seller, before booking, any specific requests that you consider the contract only if possible set out in writing in the contract and accepted by the organizer.

6.6. The travel documents (eg. Voucher) will be delivered to in time traveler profit before departure and the traveler must preserve them and take them on the journey, to take advantage of regular services booked, together with any other documents (eg. Airline tickets ) delivered by the seller. The traveler is required to verify the correctness of the data shown on the above-mentioned documents and the travel contract and to immediately notify the seller of any errors. The traveler must inform the organizer participant data exactly as shown on the personal identity documents.

6.7. Any tours, services or purchased performance and paid by the passenger at the destination are unrelated to this contract. Therefore no responsibility for this can be ascribed to the organizer or seller, even if as a courtesy, resident staff, carers, local guides or callers can take care of their reservation.

7.1. Upon signing the contract must be paid: a) the registration fee or practice management (see art. 8); b) payment to the extent indicated by the organizer or the seller. The balance must be paid without exception, by the deadline set by the organizer in its catalog or in the booking confirmation.

7.2. Failure to pay the above amounts, the established dates, like the lack of referral to the organizer of the sums paid by the traveler to the seller the right result in automatic termination of the contract to be made with a written letter, fax or e-mail at the seller or at the address including electronic, if communicated, traveler. The balance shall be counted from when the sums received by the organizer by the traveler directly or through the seller.

8.1 The price of the package is determined in the contract, concerning what is stated in the catalog or on the organizer's website, or program out of print/tailor and to any change of the catalogs or programs added subsequently, or site Operator web. It may be changed, increased or decreased, only in consequence of variations in:
- the transport of passengers price as a function of the cost of fuel and other sources of energy;
- the level of duties and taxes on tourist services included in the contract imposed by third parties not directly involved in the execution of the package, including landing fees, landing or boarding in ports and airports;
- relevant exchange rates to the package in question. An increase in price is possible only after prior communication in a durable medium by the organizer to the traveler together with the justification for such an increase and the method of calculation, at least 20 days before the beginning of the packet. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the overall price of the package applies to the next point 9.2. with the reduction of the price, the organizer is entitled to deduct administrative expenses and the effective management practices of the refund due to the traveler, which is required to provide proof of the traveler's request. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the overall price of the package applies to the next point 9.2. with the reduction of the price, the organizer is entitled to deduct administrative expenses and the effective management practices of the refund due to the traveler, which is required to provide proof of the traveler's request. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the overall price of the package applies to the next point 9.2. with the reduction of the price, the organizer is entitled to deduct administrative expenses and the effective management practices of the refund due to the traveler, which is required to provide proof of the traveler's request.

8.2. The price consists of:
a) registration fee and share practice management;
b) shares: expressed in the catalog or the price of the package supplied by the seller to the traveler;
c) cost of any insurance against risks of cancellation, withdrawal and / or medical bills or other services requested;
d) cost of any visas and entry fees and exit from countries half of the holiday;
e) charges and airport taxes and / or port.

9.1 Before the start of the packet, the organizer may unilaterally alter the terms of the contract other than the price, provided that such minor changes, communicate them to the traveler on a durable medium, even through the seller.

9.2 If, before the start of the packet, the organizer is forced to significantly change one or more main features of tourism services, or can not meet the required specifications previously accepted expressly and reported the contractor proposes to increase the price of package of more than 8% the traveler, within a reasonable period specified by the organizer at the same time the change notice, can accept the proposed change or cancel the contract without paying the revocation. In case of withdrawal, the organizer can offer the traveler a replacement package of equivalent or superior quality. The change notice indicates to the traveler the proposed changes, their impact on the price of the package,

9.3. If the changes of the tourist package contract or replacement package involving a quality package and lower cost, the traveler are entitled to an appropriate price reduction.

9.4. If you cancel the contract for tourist packages under the preceding paragraph if the traveler does not accept a replacement package, the organizer reimburses without undue delay and in any event within fourteen days of the termination of the contract all payments made by or on behalf of traveler and the provisions of Article. 43, paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 tourism code.

9.5. The organizer can cancel the contract of tourist package and offer the traveler a full refund of payments made for the package, but it is not required to pay an additional compensation if: a) the number of persons registered in the package is less than the minimum required by contract and in any case no later than 20 days before the start of the package in case of journeys lasting more than 6 days, 7 days before the start of the package in the case of journeys lasting from 2 to 6 days, the 48 hours before the start of the package in the case of journeys lasting less than two days; b) the organizer is not able to perform the contract due to unavoidable circumstances and extraordinary and communicates the withdrawal from the same to the traveler without undue delay before the start of the packet.

10. WITHDRAWAL OF THE TRAVELER 10.1 The traveler can cancel the contract at any time before the package on payment of appropriate revocation, or if provided, the standard revocation (cancellation fees) provided by the organizer, which depends on the chosen destination and the when the traveler recedes concerning the departure date. If not specified, the standard of revocation, the amount of revocation corresponds to the price of the package of cost savings decreased revenue arising from the reallocation of tourism services.

10.2. The traveler can take out the insurance policies covering the aforementioned unilateral revocation by the traveler or any legal costs, including the return, in case of injury, illness or death. Depending on the chosen package, the organizer informs the traveler on options or mandatory subscription of such insurance.

10.3. The revocation is not due to the assumptions provided for in Article 9 above step 2. If there are unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances that occurred in the place of destination or in its immediate vicinity and have a substantial impact on the implementation of the package or transport of passengers to the destination, the traveler is entitled to cancel the contract before the start of the package without match of revocation, and the full repayment of the payments made for the package, but is not entitled to additional compensation.

10.4 In case of off-premises contracts (as defined in art. 45 c. 1 letter h) Consumer Code), the traveler has the right to withdraw from the tourist package sales contract within five days from the date the contract is concluded or the date of receipt of the agreement and the preliminary information if later, without penalty and without giving any reasons. In the case of offers with rates significantly decreased compared to the current offerings, the right of withdrawal is excluded. In the latter case, the organizer documents the price change adequately highlighting the exclusion of the right of withdrawal.

11.1 If for unexpected circumstances beyond the organizer is impossible to provide, in the course of execution of the contract, a substantial part, by value or quality of the combination of tourism services stipulated in the contract of tourist package, the organizer provides, at no additional price paid by the traveler, adequate quality of alternative solutions, where possible equivalent or higher than those specified in the contract, so that the execution of the package can continue, including the possibility that the return of the traveler to the place of departure is not provided as agreed. If the alternative solutions proposed to involve a package of lower quality than that specified in the package tour contract, the organizer gives the traveler an appropriate price reduction.

11.2. The traveler can reject the alternative solutions proposed only if they are not comparable to what was agreed in the contract of the tourist package or if the reduction granted price is inadequate.

11.3. If it is impossible to provide alternative solutions or the traveler rejects the alternative solutions proposed, following what is indicated in point 1, the traveler a price reduction is recognized. If the obligation to offer the breach point 15.5 applies

11.4. Where, due to supervening circumstances beyond the organizer, it is impossible to secure the return of the traveler as agreed in the contract for tourist packages, apply the points 15.6 and 15.7.

12.1 The traveler can have it replaced him another person provided that: a) the organizer is informed no later than seven days before the start of the package; b) the person he intends to transfer the contract meets all the conditions for using the service and in particular the requirements for passports, visas, health certificates; c) the same services or other services in place can be provided following the substitution; d) be paid to the organizer all administrative expenses and practice management to be replaced, to the extent that will be quantified before the transfer, providing, upon request of the transferor, the free on the rights, duties or other additional costs resulting from the sale. The disposal costs could include, for example, the purchase of new transport tickets available rate and the force at the time of the transfer request; please note that the cost of the ticket is subject to continuous changes and price fluctuations and depend on the booking class, on the availability of seats, the type of fare, class of the flight, from the issue date and the flight.

12.2. The transferor and the transferee of the contract for tourist packages are jointly and severally liable for payment of the balance due and any duties, taxes and other additional costs, including any administrative and management practices, resulting from this sale.

12.3. Under section. 944 of the Navigation Code, the substitution will be possible only with the consent of the carrier.

12.4 If the traveler requires the change of an item and / tourist service of a practice already confirmed and provided that the request does not constitute novation contract and provided that it is possible to implement, the organizer shall pay the administrative costs and practice management and the resulting expenses to the same change (assuming must be reissued airline tickets, the sale will involve the application of the available airfare on that date).

13.1. In the course of the negotiations and before the contract is concluded, the Italian citizens are given general information - date of the publication date of the catalog - concerning the conditions about passports and visas, including approximate times for obtaining the visas and health formalities of the destination country

13.2. The rules on expatriation of Italian children are expressly provided in the notes on the website of the State Police. It should be noted, however, that children should own a valid personal document (passport, or for EU countries, identity card valid for travel abroad indicating the names of the parents). Children under 14 years and children for which you need the authorization issued by the judicial authorities, to be followed the instructions given on the website of the State Police (Http: // ).

13.3. Foreign citizens must possess an individual passport and any visa and will be able to find the necessary and updated information through their diplomatic representatives in Italy and / or their official government information channels.

13.4 Travelers will provide, before departure, to verify with the competent authorities (for Italian citizens the local police headquarters or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the site namely the Operational Telefonica number 06.491115 Central) that their documents are in compliance with the guidelines and adapt in due time before the start of the packet. In the absence of such verification, no responsibility for the failed departure of one or more passengers can be attributed to the seller or the organizer.

13.5 Travelers will, in any case, inform the seller and the organizer of his nationality before the inquiry and at the time of departure will be sure to own certificates of vaccination, the individual passport and any other valid document for all countries affected itinerary as well as visas, transit, and health certificates if required.

13.6. In order to assess the social and security situation \ policy, health and any other useful information relating to countries and destinations and in their immediate vicinity and, therefore, the objective usability services purchased or to be purchased and any substantive impact the implementation of the package, the traveler will have the burden of taking the official information general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and disclosed through the Foreign Ministry's institutional website The information above may not be contained in the organizers' catalogs - online or on paper - because they contain descriptive information of a general nature and not information subject to change by the official authorities. Updated information will, therefore, need to be taken care of travelers, displaying all of the information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cards "Countries", "traveling health" and "warnings"). The traveler is required under the principle of diligence of a good father to verify the accuracy of your personal documents and any minor, as well as the requirement to obtain valid documents for travel abroad folowing the rules of your country and the conventions that govern matter. The traveler must provide to complete the formalities considering that the seller or the organizer has no obligation to procure visas or documents.

13.7. Where the date of booking your chosen destination proves, institutional information channels, locations subject to "discourage or" warning "for safety reasons, the traveler who later were to exercise the withdrawal may not invoke, for exemption or reduction of requesting compensation for termination work, the loss of contractual claim related to the security of the country.

13.8. Travelers will have to follow the rules of normal prudence and diligence and to those specifications in force in the destination countries of the journey, all the information provided by the organizer, as well as regulations, administrative or legislative provisions relating to the package. Travelers will be liable for all damages that the organizer and / or retailer should also suffer as a result of the failure to fulfill the duties specified above, including the costs necessary for their return. Besides, the organizer can claim the passenger to pay a reasonable fee for the assistance provided to it, where the problem is caused intentionally by the traveler or his fault, within the limits of the expenses incurred.

13.9. The traveler must supply the organizer or seller all documents, information, and evidence in its possession relevant to the exercise of the right of recourse against the persons who have caused or contributed to the occurrence of circumstances or event from which are derived the compensation, the price reduction, compensation or other obligations in question and of persons required to provide support services and accommodation according to other provisions, if the traveler can not return to the starting point as well as for exercising the right of subrogation against third parties responsible for damage and is responsible to the organizer for the prejudice caused to the right of subrogation.

13:10. The traveler must always communicate PROMPTLY to the organizer, also utilizing the seller, any defects in accordance encountered during the execution of the package, as shown in the following article 15.

The official classification of hotels is provided in the catalog or in other informative material based on the explicit and formal indications of the competent authorities of the country where the service is provided. In the absence of official classifications recognized by the competent public authorities of the EU member states where the service is provided, or in the case of structures marketed as a "tourist village", the organizer reserves the right to supply in catalog or brochure in his own description of accommodation, such as to permit an evaluation and consequent acceptance of the same by the traveler.

Under Article 15.1. 42 Tourism Code, the organizer is responsible for the execution of all tourist services under the contract for tourist packages, regardless of whether such tourist services should be provided by the organizer, by its agents or servants acting in the exercise of their functions, the third of whose work uses or other travel suppliers, according to art. 1228 of the Civil Code.

15.2. The traveler, according to articles 1175 and 1375 of the Civil Code, informs the organizer, either directly or through the seller, promptly, taking into account the circumstances of the case, of any defects detected during the execution of a tourist service established by the contract tour package.

15.3. If one of the tourist services not performed as agreed in the contract of the tourist package, the organizer remedied the lack of conformity, unless this is impossible or would be too burdensome, taking account of the lack of compliance and value tourist services affected by the defect. If the organizer does not remedy the defect, item 16 applies.

15.4. Without prejudice to the exceptions referred to in the preceding paragraph, if the organizer does not remedy the lack of conformity within a reasonable period of time set by the traveler concerning the duration and characteristics of the package, along with the dispute promptly carried out according to Section 13.2, the traveler can personally remedy the defect and seek reimbursement of necessary expenses, as long as they are reasonable and documented; if the organizer refuses to remedy the lack of conformity or if you need to address them immediately the traveler need not specify a deadline. 15.5. If a lack of conformity, according to article 1455 cc, constitutes a failure of no small importance of tourism services included in a package and the organizer there has remedied within a reasonable period set by the traveler depending on length and the characteristics of the package, with the complaint made according to section 15.2, the traveler may, without charge, rescind and with immediate effect the contract for tourist packages or, where appropriate, seek, according to the following paragraph 16 price reduction, however, subject to any damages. In the event of termination of the contract, if the package included the transportation of passengers, the organizer also provides the traveler with a return transport equivalent without undue delay and additional cost to the traveler. 15.6.

15.7. The limitation of the costs referred to in paragraph 15.6 does not apply to persons with reduced mobility, defined in art. 2, par. 1, lett. a) of Reg. (EC) No. 1107/2006, and their carers, women who are pregnant, unaccompanied minors and persons in need of specific medical assistance, provided that the organizer has received notice of their special needs at least 48 hours before the start of the packet.

16.1. The traveler is entitled to an appropriate reduction in the price for the period during which there has been a lack of conformity unless the organizer proves that the defect is attributable to the traveler.

16.2. The traveler is entitled to receive from the organizer the appropriate compensation for any damage they may have suffered as a result of a lack of conformity.

16.3 The traveler is not recognized damages if the organizer proves that the defect is attributable to the traveler or a third party unconnected with the provision of tourism services included in the package tour contract and is unpredictable or unavoidable, or is due to unavoidable circumstances and extraordinary.

16.4. The organizer is subject to the limitations prescribed in international conventions that bind Italy or the EU, concerning the extent of compensation or the terms on which is due from a supplier which provides a tourist service in a package.

16.5. The package tour contract may provide for the limitation of compensation payable by the organizer, except for personal injuries or those caused intentionally or by negligence, provided that this limitation is not less than three times the total package price.

16.6. The compensation or price reduction granted according to the Code of tourism and compensation or a price reduction granted by other Community regulations and applicable international conventions must be deducted from each other.

17.1 The organizer shall provide appropriate assistance without delay to the traveler who is in difficulty even in the circumstances referred to in paragraph 15.7, in particular by providing adequate information about health services, local authorities and consular assistance and assisting in the traveler ' make remote communications and helping to find alternative tourism services.

17.2 The traveler can address messages, requests or complaints relating to the execution of the package directly to the seller through which you purchased the product, which, in turn, promptly forward such messages, requests or complaints to the organizer.

The seller must indicate its quality and is exclusively responsible for the execution of the mandate given by the traveler with the travel agency contract, regardless of whether the benefit is made by the seller, by its agents or servants acting in the exercise of their duties or by third parties whose work makes use, having to fulfill the obligations assumed to be evaluated concerning the diligence required for the exercise of the corresponding profession.

If not expressly included in the price, it is possible and advisable to stipulate when booking at the organizer's offices or special insurance policy to cover the expenses of withdrawal (always due except for specific exceptions provided by the tourism code) of which in section 10, as well as those arising from accidents and/or diseases which will also cover the cost of repatriation and for the loss and/or damage to baggage. The rights arising from insurance contracts are to be exercised directly by the traveler against contracting Insurance Companies, under the conditions and in the manner provided for under the same policies, paying attention in particular to the timing for the opening of the left, the deductibles, limitations, and exclusions. The insurance contract between the traveler and the insurance company has the force of law between the parties and exerts its effects between the traveler and the insurance company, according to art. 1905 cc Travelers, upon booking, must notify the seller of any specific needs or issues for which it should prove necessary and / or appropriate to issue different policies from those provided or included in the package price.

The organizer will provide the traveler information regarding any existing procedures for handling complaints and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution), according to Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 and, if applicable, the ADR entity to which the trader and 'disciplined and to online dispute resolution platform following Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013.

21.1. The organizer and the seller are established in Italy are covered by the insurance policy for civil liability for the passenger for damages arising from the breach of their obligations under the respective contracts.

21.2. The organization of package tour contracts are secured by bank guarantees or insurance policies that, for foreign travel and journeys that take place within a single country, including trips to Italy, in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy of 'organizer or seller guarantee, without delay at the request of the traveler, the refund of the price paid for the purchase of the package and the immediate return of the traveler if the package includes the traveler transport, and, if necessary, payment room and board before returning. As an alternative to a refund or to return immediately, it can be offered to the traveler the continuation of the package in the manner provided for in Articles 40 and 42 tourism code.

21.3 The same guarantees are provided by professionals that facilitate tourist services related to the reimbursement of all the payments they receive from travelers to the extent that a tourist service that is part of a connected tourist service is not made because of the state of insolvency or failure of professionals.

A) The contracts for the supply of the only transport service, only the price of accommodation, or any other separate tourist service, you can not be a contractual case of organized travel or tourist package, do not enjoy the protections provided by the tourism code and apply the contractual conditions of the individual provider. Integral parts of the contract description of the excursion (online or hard copy), or in the separate excursion program and the booking confirmation is sent by Slow Lake Srl The responsibility for the proper performance of the contract is the service provider.

The seller undertakes to provide to third parties, even electronically, a tourist service unbundled, is required to give the tourist the documents relating to the service.


These contracts are also provided the following clauses of the general conditions of sale of packages above: art. 6, paragraph 1, 4, 5, 6; art. 9, paragraph 1, 3, 4, 5; art. 10 Section 1. The application of clauses does not determine the configuration of services as a package tour. The terminology of the cited clauses to the tourist package contract (organizer, travel, etc.) Should be considered regarding the figures of the sale contract of the single tourist services (seller, accommodation, etc.).

INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH REG. (EC) No. 2027/97 Compensation in case of death or injury: There are no financial limits to the liability for passenger injury or death. For damages, up to 100,000 SDRs (approximately EUR 121,000), the air carrier can not contest claims for compensation. Beyond that amount, the air carrier can dispute a claim only if it can prove that the damage was not its fault - Advance payment: in case of injury or death of a passenger, the carrier must pay within 15 days from the identification of the person entitled to compensation, an advance payment, to cover immediate economic needs. In case of death, this advance payment shall not be less than 16,000 SDRs (approximately EUR 19,400) - delays in the transport of passengers: In case of delay, the carrier is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid it or it was impossible to take such measures. The liability for delay is limited to 4,150 SDRs (approximately 5000 €) - Delays in the carriage of baggage: In case of delay, the air carrier is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid it or it was impossible to take such measures. The liability for delay is limited to 1,000 SDRs (about 1200 euro) - Destruction, loss or damage to baggage: The air carrier is liable for destruction, loss or damage to baggage up to 1,000 SDRs (about 1200 EUR). In the case of checked baggage, the carrier is liable even if his behavior is at fault unless the baggage was defective the same. As for unchecked baggage, the carrier is liable only if the damage is attributable to - Higher limits for baggage: A passenger can benefit from a higher liability limit by making a special declaration at the latest at when you register, and at an additional cost - Complaints on baggage: If damaged, delayed, lost or destroyed baggage, the passenger must file a complaint as soon as possible to the air carrier. If the damage to checked baggage, the passenger must write and complain within seven days, and in case of delay within 21 days, the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger's disposal - Liability of contracting carrier and the actual carrier: If the air carrier operating the flight is not the contracting air carrier, the passenger has the right to file a claim or a claim to both. If the name or code of an air carrier is indicated on the ticket, that carrier is the contracting carrier - Terms for the action for compensation: The legal action must be brought within two years from the date of arrival or the date on which the aircraft should have arrived.


Communications are mandatory under Article. 17 of Law 38/2006 "The Italian law punishes with imprisonment crimes related to prostitution and child pornography, even if committed abroad."

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